Monday, March 5, 2012

2012.. :-)

haloooo?? hihihihi.. firstly thanks for reading.. sory lama dah tak update.. btw.. i want to share something.. i really happy coz so far my life not bad..

hari ni sya rasa bersyukur sangat kehidupan semakin baik.. thanks a lot to my family.. my friends.. also my beloved.. kmu smua yang terbaik.. hihihi..

about my past i still remember.. walaupun heart broken but i still can jalani a new life with new partner.. i just want to say thanks coz hadir in my life..

i really miss u dear.. i fell want to cry.. i miss u very so much.. i hope u are the one in my heart.. :-) please keep in you heart..mmuuaahh..

our planning..

1. stabil economics..
2. make my parents happy..
3. getting married..

hihi.. tak lama g anniversary 1 year.. i hope we always together..


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